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Molecular Discover Seminar Series

All seminars are given at NCI-Frederick on Thursdays at 10:00am in Building 376, Conference Room 121.

Spring 2017

  • Jan 12Dustin Maly (Univ of Washington)
    “Allosteric Modulation of Protein Kinases with Small Molecule Inhibitors”
  • Mar 23Michael Rossmann (Purdue Univ)
    “The Structure of Zika Virus”
  • Mar 30Alexei Demchenko (Univ of Missouri, St Louis)
    “From Stereocontrolled Glycosylation to the Automated Oligosaccharide Synthesis”
  • Apr 13Ting Xu (Univ of California, Berkeley)
    “Toward Protein/Peptide-based Functional Hybrid Materials”
  • Apr 20Dennis Dougherty (California Institute of Technology)
  • Apr 27Steven Zimmerman (Univ of Illinois, Urbana)
    Targeting the DNA and RNA That Causes Disease Using Small Molecules and Polymers”
  • May 04 Eric Schmidt (Univ of Utah)
    “Accessing novel structural and bioactivity classes of marine natural products”
  • May 11Chris Vanderwal (Univ of California, Irvine)
    “Synthesis Strategies to Address Bioactive Natural Product Families”

Fall 2016

  • Sep 8Phil Cole (Johns Hopkins Univ)
    "Bivalent Approaches to Drug Discovery"
  • Sep 29Bruce Armitage (Carnegie Mellon Univ)
    “Fluorescence Imaging Reagents Based on RNA Aptamers, Synthetic Polymers and Fluorogenic Cyanine Dyes”
  • Oct 6Mark Distefano (Univ of Minnesota)
    “Protein Lipid Modification: New Chemistry and New Biology”
  • Oct 20Gary Martin (Merck)
    “Evolving NMR Capabilities: The Impact on What is Possible”
  • Oct 27Bradley Smith (Univ of Notre Dame)
    “Near-infrared Fluorescent Multivalent Molecular Probes for Biological Imaging”
  • Nov 3Danzhou Yang
    “Structure and Function of DNA G-quadruplexes and Its Potential as Anticancer Drug Target”
  • Nov 10John Magnani (GlycoMimetics)
    “The design, evaluation and clinical development of novel glycomimetic drugs for inflammatory disease and cancer”
  • Nov 17Dustin Maly (Univ of Washington)
    “Allosteric Modulation of Protein Kinases with Small Molecule Inhibitors”
  • Dec 8Eric Martin (Novartis)
    "Profile-QSAR Gen 2: Deep learning Kinase IC50 predictions for novel compounds as accurate as 4-pt IC50s"

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