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Dr. Joel Schneider

Dr. Joel Schneider
Peptide Design and Materials

Research Summary

The Schneider group designs and characterizes novel materials for use in tissue regenerative therapy, parenteral delivery of therapeutics, delivery of cells, and antibacterial therapy. We are particularly interested in peptide and protein-based hydrogel materials formed by self-assembly mechanisms. Our work spans molecular conception, materials synthesis, nano- and bulk mechanical materials characterization, cell-material interactions, biocompatibility, and assessment of performance efficacy. Our basic research establishes how material composition and structure influences material function, and lays the foundation to ultimately translate materials to the clinic.
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1)  Smith SJ, Pauly GT, Hewlett K, Schneider JP, Hughes SH.
Structure-based non-nucleoside inhibitor design: Developing inhibitors that are effective against resistant mutants.
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2)  Fichman G, Schneider JP.
Utilizing Frémy"s Salt to Increase the Mechanical Rigidity of Supramolecular Peptide-Based Gel Networks.
Front Bioeng Biotechnol. 8: 594258, 2020. [Journal]

3)  Miller SE, Tsuji K, Abrams RPM, Burke TR, Schneider JP.
Uncoupling the Folding-Function Paradigm of Lytic Peptides to Deliver Impermeable Inhibitors of Intracellular Protein-Protein Interactions.
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4)  Majumder P, Zhang Y, Iglesias M, Fan L, Kelley JA, Andrews C, Patel N, Stagno JR, Oh BC, Furtmüller GJ, Lai CC, Wang YX, Brandacher G, Raimondi G, Schneider JP.
Multiphase Assembly of Small Molecule Microcrystalline Peptide Hydrogel Allows Immunomodulatory Combination Therapy for Long-Term Heart Transplant Survival.
Small. 16: e2002791, 2020. [Journal]

5)  Hixon Julie A, Andrews Caroline, Kashi Lila, Kohnhorst Casey L, Senkevitch Emilee, Czarra Kelli, Barata Joao T, Li Wenqing, Schneider Joel P, Walsh Scott T R, Durum Scott K.
New anti-IL-7Ra monoclonal antibodies show efficacy against T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia in pre-clinical models.
Leukemia. 34: 35-49, 2020. [Journal]