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Synthesis and Wound Healing Properties

PAN/NO, A Polymeric Diazeniumdiolate, and PROLI/NO, an Ultrafast No Donor

NO has multiple functions in wound healing. We have developed NO-releasing polymers such as the poly(acrylonitrile)/NO adduct (PAN/NO). This material has proven useful in wound healing applications, e.g., to reduce neointimal hyperplasia after vascular surgery (DeRosa et al., 2007). The ultrafast NO donor PROLI/NO had similar effects (Kapadia et al., 2008). Interestingly, PROLI/NO’s beneficial effect was more pronounced in diabetic rats than in normal animals (Ahanchi et al., 2008).

Untreated v Pan/No

Improved healing of rat carotid arteries by treating them with PAN/NO during surgery. Arrows show the extent of neointimal hyperplasia in the untreated vessel two weeks after the vascular intervention.  Note the marked contrast to what was seen in the PAN/NO-treated animals.

Healing Content Image

Synthesis of PAN/NO

Synthesis and Hydrolysis

Synthesis and hydrolysis of PROLI/NO, an ultrafast NO donor.