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JS-K and Related O2-Arylated Diazeniumdiolates as Broad-Spectrum Anti-Cancer Agents

NO–releasing prodrugs of the O2-arylated diazeniumdiolate class have shown themselves to be increasingly promising broad-spectrum anti-cancer drug candidates. Compound JS-K has slowed tumor growth in several rodent models of cancer, including leukemiaprostate cancer, multiple myelomalung cancerglioma and liver cancer. Its second-generation analog, PABA/NO, acted with a potency similar to that of cisplatin in an in vivo model of ovarian cancerJS-K has proven active in blocking angiogenesis in vitro and in vivo, inhibiting tumor cell invasiveness and synergizing with cytarabine bortezomibarsenite, and cisplatin. Lead compounds JS-K and PABA/NO have shown the ability to significantly slow tumor growth in vivo with no evidence of toxicity being observed at therapeutic doses.

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