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Gastroenterology: V-PYRRO/NO as a Liver-Protective Agent

O2-Vinylated diazeniumdiolates have been shown to be selectively metabolized by cytochrome 450.  Preliminary data in in vivo experimental models show that the lead compound in this series, V-PYRRO/NO, has promising  protective effects against fulminant liver failureprotection for the liver and kidney from high doses of acetaminophen, and organ preservation during liver transplantation. Using an amino acid-based prodrug approach, a second generation of organ-selective NO donors designed to have improved toxicological profiles was developed; an example of the latter is V-PROLI/NO (12).

Gastroenterology diagram

Structures of V-PYRRO/NO and V-PROLI/NO two cytochrome P450-activated liver-selective NO donors.